why did kakashi kill rin

A lot of people who are new to Naruto will have a lot of questions after watching episode 345 of Naruto Shippuden. What just happened? Why did Rin have to die like that especially at the hands of Kakashi? Well, don’t worry! Senpai is here to clear all your doubts regarding the matter. I will provide a short summary answer, and if you’re interested in the whole lore, then do continue reading the rest of the post.

Why did Kakashi Kill Rin?

Kakashi did not kill Rin rather she chose to die in the hands of Kakashi. When Rin realized that she has been made a jinchuriki of the three tails and that this was all a plot to destroy Konoha, she asked Kakashi to kill her. But Kakashi refused it by saying that he promised Obito to protect her. Later, Rin decided to commit suicide by intercepting Kakashi’s chidori which was meant to hit a Kirigakure ninja. This caused the chidori to cut right through the heart killing Rin in the process. Kakashi’s name was the last thing Rin uttered before she died.

Kakashi and Team Minato

why did kakashi kill rin

Rin Nohara was a classmate of Kakashi’s, and one of his earliest acquaintances. Kakashi, alongside Rin and her best friend Obito Uchiha, ended up being a part of ‘Team Minato’, which was led by Minato Namikaze who served as the three young ninjas’ teacher. Aloof as Kakashi has always been, he wasn’t as close with either Rin or Obito as they were always with each other. But his role in this arc showed that he meant something essentially important to at least Rin, who wanted to die at the hands of someone she loved, to say the very least.

Obito and Rin’s relation could very well be deemed quite beyond just friendship. The two may have been inseparable friends, but Obito always carried romantic feelings for Rin, that he never managed to confess to her. However, it was quite different for Rin herself, as her romantic feelings lied not for Obito, but Kakashi, which is one of the things that made him central to her death. And while Obito may have suppressed his feelings from being unveiled to Rin, Rin herself, after a supposed death of Obito, confessed to Kakashi of her feelings for himself. Kakashi rejected immediately by revealing his knowledge of Obito’s love for her. But little was known about the fact that Kakashi would still carry a major place in Rin’s heart, from the time they spent in Team Minato, to her very death.

What Role Did the Third Shinobi World War Play?

The Third Shinobi World War was the third of the four major Shinobi wars and took place more than ten years prior to the beginning events of the series. This is where everything began to escalate. A war in which several ninja villains would draw swords on one another. The reign of the Five Great Shinobi Countries was nearing its demise due to a drastic decrease in national power. This led to disorder between all the smaller factions. And like most major wars, quantitatively large acts of war and terror on part of several small factions resulted in a major, all-out war that would reshape the very course of the nations.

This arc was a reflection of some of the most brutal and large-scale wars that history has had the burden to record, among other harsh histories of humanity. It ended up people of all types due to how devastating its premise was. Even greater powers like Konoha ended up suffering a massive lack of resources, due to which almost anyone with the ability to fight was involved in the war, including even very young children who had barely made any progress in their academics. At least that would explain the involvement of Team Minato in this large-scale war too. This is the war where Minato became the Fourth Hokage.

What Caused the Disbanding of Team Minato?

why did kakashi kill rin

Team Minato may have played a role in the outcome of the war, but some of the war’s impacts would directly lead to the death of Rin Nohara, as well as develop Kakashi’s role in it further. Kakashi was assigned a leading role in the team in a mission to destroy the Kannabi bridge, which would tactically put the Iwagakure at a disadvantage by heavily limiting their use of Kusagakure. It may never have been conscious, but Obito definitely depicted feelings of insecurity regarding Kakashi, who was probably the most celebrated young member of the team and received rewards from Rin and Minato due to his promotion. But his love for Rin remained the driving factor of his commitment to the team.

A dilemma did occur when Rin got captured by the Iwa-nin in between the mission, following which Kakashi decided to abandon Rin, favoring to complete the mission to the last bit before rescuing her, which led to a dispute between him and Obito, which led to Obito calling Kakashi a terrible person due to abandoning his friends. Obito furiously departed from the team and started pursuing Rin on his own. And while he ended up finding the hideout cave where the Iwa-nin were camping, a camouflaged Taiseki caught him while he was on the go to rescue Rin. To Obito’s surprise, a change of plan had occurred for Kakashi, who arrived to rescue him after how much Obito’s words made him reconsider things.

This encounter is also where Kakashi ended up losing his eye. Obito, with the help of his Sharingan, managed to find and kill the Taiseki, and the two ended up finding Rin. Though while this may conclude things, it also initiated to an extent. Rin’s captor Kakko made the cave collapse, which raised the stakes of the escape. Almost around the exit, Kakashi fell, and a boulder was about to fall on him, but Obito pushed him away and sacrificed himself, at least to the eyes of Kakashi and Rin. Obito was trapped below a boulder, and as life seemed to be fading out from him, he revealed to Kakashi his feelings for Rin.

Minato came to the rescue of Rin and Kakashi, whereas Obito was later saved by a White Zetsu commanded by Obito’s clan-mate Madara Uchiha (who would later exploit him over these occurrences and form Akatsuki with him). Shortly after Obito’s supposed death, Rin confessed to Kakashi about her feelings for him, which he rejected out of respect for Obito’s love for her.

What Events Led to the Death of Rin Nohara?

It’s seldom that Madara isn’t involved in the vilest possible acts that take place in any Naruto storyline. Madara secretly pulled the strings and got Rin kidnapped. He manipulated others to see it as a doing of the forces of Kirigakure. But this was no ordinary kidnap because there’d be no going back after some of the things that happened. Madara sealed the three-tailed beast Isobu into Rin, which is one of the nine-tailed beasts. She had also been carrying the Forbidden Individual Curse Tag and had been manipulated in a way that as soon as she’d go back to Konoha with Kakashi, the three-tailed beast would unleash itself on the people of her village. She was also chosen because she was the only person in her village who could carry a Chakra monster.

Rin Nohara’s Death

why did kakashi kill rin

Minato sent Kakashi to her rescue, who was working for Anbu as a Black Ops member, which was an S-tier rank, followed by the disbanding of Team Minato. Around these events, Obito had also healed, but the knowledge of his well-being or of him being alive in the first place hadn’t reached Kakashi, Rin, or Minato. Kakashi managed to rescue her, but on their way back, they were chased by a bunch of Jonin and Anbu-level Shinobi, who had a mission to retrieve the possessor of the tailed beast. A faint realization occurred to Rin, which made her summarize the situation to Kakashi, especially the never-ending burden she’d have to carry.

She revealed that she won’t let herself be the cause of her own village’s destruction at any cost, and due to not being able to kill herself, she requested Kakashi to perform the heart-breaking action. Kakashi, who would do anything to find an alternative to the situation, refused to do it due to the vow he made to Obito, which was to protect Rin by all means. But due to how dear the safety of Konoha village was to her, she later chose to commit suicide by impaling herself against Kakashi’s Chidori (the Lightning Cutter) while both of them were engaged in action with the Kiri-nin.

That’s how and why Kakashi Hatake ‘killed’ Rin Nohara. An act that his body had been forced to participate in for the sake of Rin, who valued the safety of Konoha over her own life. She chose to die at the hands of someone she genuinely loved, and while the one she loved didn’t find enough courage to kill someone he had vowed to protect with the last of his breath, there was only doom for her to look forward to in the future, and not just her own, due to which chose to get herself killed, and most importantly by someone she loved wholeheartedly. She whispered Kakashi’s name as her final word.

Obito, who was present, but remained unnoticed by both, appeared outrageously and slaughtered all the enemy ninjas. A feeling of disbelief had occurred to him alongside his obvious sorrow, which resulted in him swearing an oath to contribute to a world where people like her would get to survive. For Kakashi, it was traumatic enough that the intense sorrow caused his Sharingan to evolve into Mangekyo Sharingan. Kakashi is a person who already had a pretty rough past, but this was a tragedy that greatly shaped him to be the Kakashi that we all know and love.

And that’s a wrap! If you’re curious about Kakashi’s father, I wrote an article on everything you need to know about Hatake Sakumo that you can read here.