I’ve written a fair share of lists on my blog. Among them being: the hottest male anime characters, anime guys with black hair, anime girls with short hair and the list goes on. In all these posts, I’ve talked about various anime, but never really focused on one particular anime and its set of characters. Well, today I’m doing just that. My Hero Academia boasts many characters possessing unique traits and characteristics. A bulk of those characters are girls, and most of them are cute with distinct personalities, which makes it hard to choose a waifu. That’s why I’ve created the ultimate list of the best My Hero Academia girls that might be your next waifu.

Disclaimer alert: This is my list so I am judge, jury and executioner. You might not agree with whom I pick, but that’s just too bad.

Ultimate list of the best My Hero Academia girls

  1. Ochaco Uraraka
  2. Eri-Chan
  3. Momo Yaoyorozu
  4. Mei Hatsume
  5. Tsuyu Asui
  6. Kyoka Jiro
  7. Nana Shimura
  8. Himiko Toga
  9. Midnight
  10. Recovery Girl

10. Recovery Girl

Recovery Girl BNHA, MHA

I’m sure you didn’t come with the intentions of seeing an old hag on this list of my hero academia girls. Of course, everyone wants their favourite female character to be on this list which is understandable. I want to do things differently and put a twist to your average list of cute female characters. Let’s make things more fun, shall we?

Recovery Girl isn’t a girl, but I guess her mental age might be that of a girl. I believe a young soul is what its called. I’m sure when we grow older, we’d rather think of ourselves a young stud instead of a wrinkly senior citizen. As you can tell from her name, Recovery Girl possesses a healing quirk.

In the series, she is one of the few people who know of All Might’s secret, which indicates how close she is to the former number one hero. A few things that I admire about Recovery Girl is that she is very caring towards the wellbeing of the students of UA High School. She even scolded All Might for allowing Deku to go overboard with his quirk even though he lacks the proper control. I also admire how she has fixed our boy Deku so many times after countless of battles. Putting her on this list is my token of appreciation to her for kissing people back to health with those chapped lips.

“People’s whose end goal is to become a hero have no future.”

9. Midnight

Midnight My Hero Academia

We needed at least one dominatrix on this list, so here we are at number 9 with The R-Rated Hero: Midnight. She’s a member of the Pro Heroes Association as well as a staff in UA High School. Midnight teaches Modern Hero Art History which surprised me because it doesn’t seem to fit her character.

Among all the pro heroes, I find Midnight to be the best in terms of looks. I mean, just look at her. Her character is pure fan service, and anyone who says otherwise must be living on a different planet. We don’t really see much of her character in the anime so there isn’t much noteworthy things to mention.

Her quirk is kind of unique and works by putting people to sleep if they catch her scent. It apparently works more effectively on males than on females. One of her funniest scenes in the anime is when she faces off against Mineta during the Final Exams. She admitted that she loves dominating others, and I’m sure Mineta would volunteer to be dominated by her. Heck, I wouldn’t mind.

If you want to piss her off then just mention her age.

With so much time left, I thought I’d park myself at the gate but, well, taking that approach is just no fun at all… Because watching you run and shriek like a baby makes the sadist in me ache for a chance to play.

8. Himiko Toga

Himiko Toga BakaSenpai

Coming in 8th is Himiko Toga, the only villain on this list of the best my hero academia girls. Previously we had a dominatrix, now we have a cold-blooded yandere. Trust me, as tempting as it is to make her your waifu, she won’t hesitate to kill you in your sleep and drink your blood afterwards.

Toga is a member of the League of Villains and works under Tomura Shigaraki as one of his commanders. She believes that the current society is one that is difficult to live in, and this fuels her desire to bring about a world that adopts Stain’s ideology. Her power is the ability to transform into other people. She does this by drinking their blood, and the more she drinks, the longer she can maintain the individual’s form. Although she changes her appearance to other people, she doesn’t, however, have access to their quirks.

Her quirk suits the role of a spy, but she is overall quite skilled as she can take on heroes one on one while only relying on her combat skills. Her personality, on the other hand, is a bit messed up. She has a twisted understanding on love. She believes that if you love someone, it is akin to becoming them. Literally. Still I find her a very unique character that adds diversity in the cast of My Hero Academia.

Of course you wanna be like the one you love. It’s natural. So you end up decking yourself out to look like him. But after enough time, even that’s not enough. You literally want to become him. There’s no helping it. So what’s your type? I love tattered guys reeking of blood. That’s why I always carve people up in the end.”

7. Nana Shimura

Nana Shimura

If you’re a person of culture, you’ll realize why I put Nana on the 7th spot of My Hero Academia girls. Nana means seven in Japanese and she is also the seventh user of the One for All quirk. Horikoshi and his love of symbolism, I tell you. Nana was also the mentor of our beloved All Might, the symbol of peace and former number one hero. Oh yeah, she’s also the grandmother of Tomura Shigaraki, the head of the League of Villains.

There were a lot of things that Nana taught All Might and among them is the importance of smiling when all hope is lost. She explains that a hero should smile in times of distress because they must save a person’s heart and not only their lives. All Might comes to adopt this philosophy but adds his flair to it by using a catchphrase, “I am here”.

Nana put her faith in All Might and gave him One for All even though he was a quirkless and powerless boy in the beginning. She believed in his ideology of becoming a symbol of peace so that people can live their lives smiling without having to worry for their safety. There are a lot of merits in having a symbol, but there are some noticeable flaws that I cover in this post.

She fell in battle against All for One, but she manages to give a final message to her apprentice so that he can carry on her legacy. Overall, she was a great character and will live on in our hearts.

When you have to save someone, they’re usually in a scary situation. A true hero saves not only their lives but also their hearts… That’s what I believe. So no matter how scary things get, give ’em a smile, as if to say, “I’m a-ok”. The people in this world who can smile are always the strongest.

6. Kyoka Jiro

My Hero Academia Girls Kyoka Jiro

Next on the list is Kyoka Jiro, also known as Earphone Jack. She’s a member of class 1-A of UA High School and is an under-appreciated female in the series. Jiro’s quirk is that she has a pair of headphone jacks hanging from her earlobes. Upon activation, Jiro can channel the sound of her heartbeat into her earphone jacks in the form of a violent vibration attack. She can stretch her earlobes several meters. Her quirk also allows her to hear minuscule sounds and vibrations from her surroundings.

Jiro has a pragmatic, unenthusiastic, and teasing personality that she displays to those she finds irritating, like her classmate Denki Kaminari. Their banter is so fun to watch, and I ship them together. As there are two sides to a coin, there are also two sides to Jiro. She might appear cold and indifferent, but deep down, she cares for her friends and does enjoy socializing with others.

She has a passion for music which is a common trait in her family but keeps it to herself as she feels that her interest is non-related to hero work. Later in the series, she does open up and ends up coaching the whole class band and eventually ends up being their lead vocalist. Her voice is top-notch and is what I expected from her.

“If you do this, we just might win. But there’s no time to hesitate, so do it now! You wanna be a hero, don’t you?! Then let’s pass this test.

5. Tsuyu Asui

My Hero Academia Girls 5 FROPPY

Tsuyu Asui, also known as Rainy Season Hero: Froppy. She’s quite popular among the fanbase, and some even consider her to be the true best girl in the series, but I can’t bring my heart to agree on that. Tsu-Chan’s quirk works by doing anything that a frog can do, which is a lot. Among the things that she can do are:

  • Hop long distances
  • Camouflage
  • Ejecting her stomach
  • Stick on walls like Spider-Man
  • Extend her tongue up to 20 metres.

In short, she’s a beast. She’s also very mature for her age and can maintain a very level-headed outlook. In season 1, during the first League of Villains attack, Tsu-Chan was calm and handled the situation perfectly which ended up saving Mineta and Deku. She never lets her emotions get the best of her. She is able to do this because when she was younger, her parents were busy and never at home. Tsu-Chan had to take care of her siblings from a young age. I think all her hardships has paid off as she is one of the most skilled among the females in class 1-A.

One example where Tsu-Chan maintains a level-headed outlook is when the class was deciding to save Bakugo from the villains. At the time, the students hadn’t taken their provisional exam and weren’t allowed to use their powers in public. Deku and friends were overwhelmed to do the right thing, but Tsu-Chan put them in place by telling them that by doing so, they wouldn’t be any different than the villains as they would be breaking the rules. She is described as the “perfect pillar for emotional support” according to Recovery Girl who is also on this list of the best My Hero Academia girls.

We’re all still in shock over Bakugo’s kidnapping… so we have to think about this calmly. It doesn’t matter how righteous our feelings are. If we start another fight…if we break the law…then we’re no better than the villains!

4. Mei Hatsume

My Hero Academia Girls Mei Hatsume

We need at least one girl from the support class on this list, and there isn’t anyone better than Met Hatsume. She doesn’t have much screen time, but when she does appear, she never fails to make it count. I find her attractive and her personality a class of its own.

She shined during the Tournament Arc in Season 2 by displaying her qualities. First of all, Mei loves inventing things, and if we were to compare her to someone in real life, then she would closely resemble Elon Musk. She’s proof that you can be useful in a society of heroes without actually being in the frontlines.

Another aspect that I like about her is that nothing can stop her from getting what she wants. We see this when she outplays Iida during their battle in the preliminary rounds. She manipulated a hero that has high potential without him even realizing it, only to display her inventions to the scouts present at the tournament. She also does this by showcasing her babies when teaming up with Deku by using her creations to their advantage.

“Heh heh heh… Failure is the mother of invention, Power Loader-sensei. Thomas Edison once said that. Just cuz a creation doesn’t work as intended doesn’t mean the effort is wasted…”

3. Momo Yaoyorozu

My Hero Academia Girls Number 3 - Momo Yaoyorozu

Momo is one of my favourite characters in the show because of how relatable she is. She’s the vice president of class 1-A and is one of the smartest in her class. She even got into UA High School, the most prestigious high school for heroes through recommendations. Maybe it’s because she was rich? Who knows, but her brilliance is unquestionable. She also came 1st during the first-day quirk assessment.

The reason she’s on this list and the reason I find her relatable stems from the episode Yaoyorozu Rising. Momo hax it all, she’s beautiful, intelligent, rich and has a useful quirk. The only thing she lacked was confidence. At the beginning of the series, she was brimming with confidence, but she started to get insecure during the Tournament Arc.

She teamed up with Todoroki during the team battle, and they came out first. But when she proceeded to the one on one preliminary rounds, Momo took a loss to the face. Why? Because she started to doubt her abilities and decision making. When she was with Todoroki, she didn’t have any say in the plans and execution and was only a pawn. They came out on top, but it took a toll on her confidence. She even started to feel inferior to Todoroki.

Her character development began during the Final Exam arc. She teamed up with Todoroki again and was about to relive her nightmare when Todoroki’s plan fell apart. Only when she took the wheels did the both of them manage to pass the finals. It’s parallel to our lives where there will be times where we are confident, but there will also be times where we start to feel insecure out of the blue even when we have everything. That’s why I love Momo’s character. She’s the smartest among the My Hero Academia girls.

“We’ve got to start at the bottom and work up! And if we don’t earnestly cheer each other on… We’ll never be great heroes!

2. Eri-Chan

My hero academia girls number 2 - Eri-Chan

Any list that doesn’t have Eri’s name on it is invalid. She’s the sweetest and cutest character in the whole show and has one of the cruellest yet depressing backstory that will make any grown man cry. Like Deku, I want to see Eri smile more and live a happy life from now on. She’s the youngest and cutest in this list of the best My Hero Academia girls.

Eri is six years old in the anime and seven where things currently stand in the manga. She’s the granddaughter of the former boss of the Shie Hassakai who gets taken under the wing of Chisaki Kai also known as Overhaul. The former boss of the yakuza clan entrusts Eri to Chisaki because they have similar quirks, and hoped that he would help teach her how to control her powers.

Eri-Chan’s name is composed of two characters: “break” and “logic“. Put together, it would mean destruction, but I prefer identifying her as someone who breaks logic because of how her powers work. Eri-Chan didn’t inherit any of her parent’s quirk due to a mutation in her cells/chromosome that houses the genes of one’s quirk.

Eri’s quirk is Rewind, but it’s not as simple as it sounds. My understanding of her ability is that Eri can rewind a body’s ‘biological clock‘. It means that her quirk can do three things: restore a person’s healthmake someone younger, and reverse the effects of evolution. Her powers only work on living things.

There are a lot of questions regarding Eri-Chan’s character that I can’t simplify here. That’s why if you want to know more about her, then you can read my post demystifying her story and answering all frequently asked questions.

“How Do You Smile Again?”

1. Ochaco Uraraka

My hero academia girls number 1 Uraraka

And the number one spot goes to Ochaco Uraraka, also known as Uravity. She’s the main love interest for our boy Deku which is why I put her at the top spot. Well, she has more going for her than just being a romantic interest. I recently wrote a character analysis on Uraraka, which explains the things that we can learn from her character.

Uraraka wants to become a hero because she wants to be rich. You might find this superficial, but there’s an underlying cause to her intentions of becoming a hero which is to provide for her family. She also looks up to Deku and wishes to become more like him, which is one of her weaknesses that she has yet to overcome. It’s also parallel to Toga’s twisted view on love.

Uraraka’s quirk gives her the power to nullify the effects of gravity on solid targets by touching them with the pads on her fingertips, causing them to become weightless and float. She can cancel the effects of her quirk by touching her finger pads together.

Uraraka might seem like your happy go lucky girl, but remember there are two sides to a coin, and she has exhibited this throughout the show. She hasn’t failed to rise to the occasion when she needs to. She’s a great character all around and deserves to take the number one spot on this list of best My Hero Academia girls.



And that’s a wrap! Here’s a cookie if you made it this far. What are your thoughts on this list? Are there any characters that you think I left out, or do you disagree with some of the placements of the girls? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and maybe we can have a discussion. Anyway, thanks for reading!