Endeavor in My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia has its fair share of characters. Each of them has a unique character trait or personality. Some are more appealing than others like how there are fans who love Bakugo and think he’s cool. I respect that, but so far I think he’s downright annoying with all his yelling. Anyway, today’s topic isn’t about Bakugo, but about an interesting character that I initially disliked. He got on my nerves at the beginning of the show but managed to shift my opinion in a single episode by boasting one of the best character developments in the whole series. Yes, today I’m going to talk about Endeavor: The current number one hero.

The episode I’m referring to is episode 88 which is the final episode of season 4. There will be spoilers so if you haven’t watched it, then go finish the entirety of My Hero Academia before reading. I’m not going into in-depth character analysis or anything like that, but instead, I’m going to emphasize on what we can learn from Endeavor’s character development. I’m also going to focus on how we can apply these lessons to our lives. Watching anime for entertainment’s sake is fine, but learning something from a piece of fiction is quite beneficial.

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The point in redeeming ourselves

Shoto Todoroki relieved for his fathers safety

In My Hero Academia, we see that Endeavor is not the best of role models. He abused his wife and children for his ambition of becoming number one which is a noble goal, but he doesn’t do it for noble reasons. He wants to do it so that he can break free from his inferiority complex towards the former Symbol of Peace, All Might. His actions and the reasons behind them would make any sane person’s skin crawl. It’s depressing when people succumb to their negative emotions how Endeavor does, but it’s even more tragic when they don’t realize it and change their actions for the better. Endeavor’s story isn’t tragic. It’s inspiring.

Later in the series, we see that Endeavor acknowledges his past mistakes. He knows that he has hurt a lot of people from his actions, especially his family. Acknowledging our wrongdoings is the first step, but it isn’t enough unless we take action and redeem ourselves. Endeavor does this by telling his son that he will become better. Someone his son would be proud to call his father. He also proves it with his actions, but we only see a glimpse of it in the anime. There’s more to come in the manga.

“I don’t accept it, not like this. Like I could Accept it. I cannot accept it!”

Many people choose to be ignorant about the things they’ve said and done. They would prefer to stay on their high horse and maintain the delusion that they’re always right and the people around them are wrong. I’m not one to judge but through my experience and what history has taught me is that these people will not go far in life. Remember that what goes around comes around. We might not feel the consequences of our actions at the moment, but life has a funny way of teaching us a lesson. Endeavor’s action causes his family to fall apart which I’m sure was not his intentions.

Somewhere in the future, our actions will bite us in the ass as much as try to avoid it. Karma is a thing. Sometimes we might be able to escape, but someone close to us might suffer the consequences of our wrongdoings. It might not happen in our time, but it might happen in the next generation. Anyway, what I’m driving at is that whenever there is conflict, the first thing we should do before pointing fingers is to look internally. Is there a possibility that it could be our fault? If there is then it’s worth humbling ourselves and fix the damage that we’ve done. The fault might not be ours, then is there any chance of forgiving the other party? If we were in their shoes, wouldn’t we want them to forgive us? It depends on the situation, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Living up to our expectations and responsibilities

Endeavor lives up to his expectations and responsibilities

The reason why I say our expectations instead of other people’s expectations is because sometimes people can set unreasonable expectations on us. Sometimes society dictates to us a standard and expects us to conform. These types of expectations shouldn’t be any of our concern. We only should meet the expectations that we set ourselves, but we also have to see if our expectations are realistic or are they too idealistic.

Endeavor set an expectation on himself of becoming a number one hero that people can put their faith in similar to All Might. He also set an expectation on himself in becoming a better father. When we set expectations, it becomes our responsibility to meet these expectations. We can’t just be all bark and no bite. Endeavor barked and told people to watch him meet their expectations during the hero conference, but he also proved his bite by defeating Nomu in the final episode of season 4. That’s why Endeavor humbled himself and asked All Might what it means to become a Symbol of Peace. He wants to emulate what All Might did to live up to his responsibilities of being the current number one hero.

We know our potential, and it’s our responsibility to reach that potential not for other people, but ourselves. We don’t have to conform to society and meet their expectations by doing things we don’t want to do. If we have a passion and wish to hone our craft to the best of our abilities, then it becomes our job to make it happen. If we set a path, then we have to walk on it until the end.

Meeting our expectations can take many forms. It could take the shape of being a better friend, a better student, or a better artist. It can be anything, but the most important thing is to hold ourselves accountable. Ask yourself this question: Are you doing your best in achieving these expectations, and are you doing your best carrying out your responsibilities in life? The answers to these questions should give you some idea in the actions that you have to take.

“I’ll become a hero that you can be proud of. Proud that your father is the number one hero. The most powerful man.”

Persevering in the face of adversity

Endeavor standing episode 88

Life throws us obstacles along the way, but does that mean we should give up and stay complacent? The idea of persevering in the face of adversity is an adage as old as time and is a common theme in many pieces of fiction. It’s generic, but it’s essential in our development as a person. Sometimes we forget that we have to stand back up, and entertainment can remind us of this. There are a lot of times this theme is presented in My Hero Academia, but I’m going to talk about one particular aspect of it in the show. Endeavor’s perseverance in becoming the number one hero and funny enough the adversity here is All Might.

What I mean by this is that All Might is an obstacle thrown in Endeavor’s way in achieving his dreams. The gap between them is immense but should that mean Endeavor should give up or other heroes should stop trying to become stronger and surpass All Might? No, instead it should be a driving force for them to become better, but only Endeavor took the message to heart.

In the final episode of season 4, we can see that Hawks looks up to Endeavor because of this. There’s a shot where Endeavor is building a bridge trying to make his way to All Might to surpass him. He might not have done it, but was his effort futile? I don’t think it is because he is the most powerful hero now next to All Might and even Hawks the current number two hero can’t compete with that power difference. One for All is a powerful quirk, and took generations to build it up to its current power level. If no one reveals the secret of One for All, Endeavor will never know that he is the strongest hero naturally without the help of anyone else.

The message here is that we shouldn’t stay complacent just because the obstacle in front of us is too intimidating. If we don’t try, then we will never become better. If we fail, then we at least gain some experience. Failure is the bridge to success. The more times we try, the closer we are to succeed. If we learn from our failures and don’t repeat them, then the probability of success in our next attempt becomes greater. I can list out a dozen examples, but you know your situation better than I do. Just stand back up, and you’ll be fine.

“Just watch me.”

Setting our goals for the right reasons and taking the right actions to achieve them


Like I said earlier, Endeavor had nobles ambitions, but it wasn’t for noble reasons. He also didn’t take the right actions to achieve them by using his son as a means to fulfil his dream of surpassing All Might. Everyone should set goals for themselves but think back to what our reasons are and what are the actions we’re taking to achieve them. Is it for fame or glory? Is it for revenge? Why is reevaluating these things important?

Because like I said in my first point, karma is a thing. If our desires don’t align with what is morally right, then we will face the consequences. Sometimes if the reason behind our noble actions isn’t inherently good, then it might be the cause of our failure. Maybe that’s why Endeavor wasn’t able to surpass All Might? Who knows. Sometimes the wrong reasons are the cause we can’t find peace within ourselves, which is the case with Endeavor. Once he let his power-hungry mindset go, he manages to turn a new leaf and find a better purpose in his work.


There’s a lot to learn from Endeavor’s character development in My Hero Academia because the lessons apply in reality. I can say with confidence that after the final episode of My Hero Academia season 4, many people are rooting for him as the number one hero. I hope you learned something from this post. What are your thoughts on Endeavor’s character? Does anything from this post resonate with you? Leave a comment on your thoughts or if you have any questions. Maybe we can have a good discussion. Anyway, thanks for reading and here’s a cookie.

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