Mushoku Tensei light novel

So, you interested in the world of Mushoku Tensei. My guess is that you just finished the anime and want to continue your adventure in the Demon continent with Dead End. I’d even dare say that you’d like to get isekai’d yourself. Well, I have just the thing for you. This post is a starter guide to prepare you on your journey in the six-sided world. I will tell you everything you need to know to dispel any doubts or anxiety you have. I will answer the following list of questions in this post. Skip to the ones that interest you if you’re short on time.

Is it worth reading the Mushoku Tensei light novels?

Mushoku Tensei light novel and manga

If you ask me whether you should invest your time in this series, then I would say yes in a heartbeat. I’m a bit bias so let me tell you more about one of my favourite Isekai so that you can decide for yourself.

In short, Mushoku Tensei tells a story about a NEET who gets hit by a truck and gets transported into another world. Huh, sounds like your generic Isekai right? Wrong. The story follows Rudeus Greyrat since the day he reincarnates into his new world until he reaches adulthood while still retaining memories of his past world. Mushoku Tensei is known as the grandfather of Isekai, but that claim is debatable. What many can agree is that Mushoku Tensei was the forefather of the tropes used in many Isekais you see today. This isn’t what makes Mushoku Tensei great. It’s worth reading because it has a good story, with decent character developments across the board as well as a very satisfying conclusion to boot.

To be honest, it’s best to go in blind without me revealing much of the story. If you’re still unconvinced though then my advice is to start watching part one of the anime that aired on Winter 2021 season. It consist of eleven episodes and each one of them is a banger in its own right. Just give the first episode a watch and I can guarantee you’ll get hooked. The adaptation is a solid one and this is coming from a light novel reader. Sadly, part two of the anime got delayed to October this year due to unfortunate circumstances. This is depressing news, but this is more of a reason to start reading the light novels now.

Before I explain further, there are a few details that you should know. Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation is a story that’s part of a bigger story. There is a prequel to Mushoku Tensei called “Old Dragon’s Tale” that should be read after the main series, and there will also be a sequel in the future. When will the sequel be out? That is still up in the air and depends on the author. The information available is that:

  • The author will start working on it once the light novel has been fully published in Japan.
  • Once he finishes his other story called “Orc Hero” which he is currently writing right now.

Another thing to keep in mind is that once you’re done with the main story. There are a few side stories to read as well which I’ll explain further later in this post.

Where does Mushoku Tensei leave off in the novels and manga

Mushoku Tensei light novel

I’m going to try and answer this as short and to the point as possible.

  • Part one of the anime ends at volume 3 of the light novel and web novel. I will explain the differences between the two later in this post. Part two of the anime will cover until volume 6 of the light novel. One whole arc for one season.
  • For the manga, the anime ends at around the middle of chapter 27.
  • If you’re fresh off the anime and want to read the novels then start from volume 4. If you want to read the manga, then start from chapter 27.
  • My advice is to start reading from the beginning. There are some minor details and world building that were cut, but they’re worth reading if you have the extra time.
  • Also, if you ask me whether to read between the manga and the novels, then my objective opinion would be the novels. The manga is the weakest adaptation of this series.

What are the key differences between the web novel, light novel and manga

Mushoku Tensei light novel and manga

First thing to understand here is the difference between the web novel and the light novel. To put it simply, the web novel is the original draft of the story while the light novel is the finalized product which gets published. So which one should you read? The answer is it depends.

Mushoku Tensei web novel vs light novel differences

  • The web novel is currently finished with a total of 24 volumes. There is an extra volume called Redundancy which is a compilation of side stories which are canon to the story, but do not greatly affect the main plot.
  • The web novels are free to read but there are only fan translations. They are not the best, but they are at least comprehensible. I would give the translations overall a 6/10. I will provide the resources to read the web novel later in this post.
  • The light novel is the official version of Mushoku Tensei. Seven Seas Entertainment are currently publishing the official English translations. The plot and characters are 95% similar to the web novel but there are notable differences that should be taken into account.
  • The biggest difference is that the Light Novel has an extra volume which is light novel exclusive. This is volume 7 of the light novel and it’s inclusion doesn’t affect the overall plot, but it does provide a lot of needed context to understand certain character developments.
  • The light novel also has a bunch of side stories that gets into the backstory of a certain characters to help you understand them better and get their perspective.
  • Currently the Japanese version of the light novel is at volume 25. The official English translation on the other hand, has just released volume 11 of the light novel. The English translation has a publication rate of a volume every two months which is quite fast.

Manga vs novel differences

  • The manga is not bad, but in my opinion it is the weakest among the adaptations. If you’re a big fan of the series, then do give it a read.
  • It’s currently at chapter 72 which has not crossed the half-way point of the story.
  • It has a publication rate of one chapter per month. This means that the official English translation of the light novel will reach the end of the story quicker. The consensus in the community agree that the anime might overtake the manga at some point.
  • Sometimes the manga focuses more on comic relief and fanservice than the actual plot.
  • One of the good things about the manga is that there is an exclusive side story that revolves around Roxy. The side-story follows Roxy’s adventures that take place before the start of the main series.

The correct reading order

Mushoku Tensei

If you’re reading the light novel and don’t intend to continue on to the web novel, then this doesn’t concern you. Just read from Volume 1 till the latest published volume of the light novel. For manga readers, do the same but once you’ve caught up with the latest chapter, then you can start reading “Roxy gets serious”.

Web Novel

  • Volume 1 to volume 24 then moving on to Redundancy.
  • Redundancy till chapter 26 then read Jobless Oblige as it takes place between the evens of chapter 26 and chapter 27.
  • Once you’re done with Jobless Oblige then read chapter 27 until chapter 32.
  • Finally, read Old Dragon’s tale which is a prequel to the main story.

How to read Mushoku Tensei web novel online and where to purchase the light novel and manga

Mushoku Tensei

Before I proceed, I’d like to add a disclaimer. The links to purchase the light novel and manga are affiliate links. They do not add any additional cost to you, but they help support me. If you do decide to buy the light novel or manga, then I do appreciate if you use my affiliate links any time you do so. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on to the meat and potatoes.

Light novel and Roxy Gets Serious manga side-story

Mushoku Tensei is a great story and you can even read the rough fan translations of the web novel online for free. If you ever feel like supporting the author, then purchasing the official material through official sources is the best way. You can purchase the light novel using the link here.

Web novel and manga

For the web novel, you can find pdfs to download the volumes here.

For manga readers, you can read the manga here.

Summary and conclusion

And that’s a wrap. I hope I was able to convince you to give this great series a read. I am sure you will not be disappointed. Before I conclude this post, I’ll add a short summary just in case you jumped to this point without reading the rest.

  • Mushoku Tensei is a great Isekai and is worth the read if you love fantasy and world building. You should start reading now since part two of the anime got delayed.
  • The first part of the anime ends at volume 3 of the light novel and the middle of chapter 27 of the manga. The first season will cover the first six volumes of the light novel.
  • Light novel is the official final product while the web novel is the draft of the story. The web novel is free to read but there are only fan translations around which are a bit rough. If you want to support the author then purchasing the light novel is the best way to do so.
  • The light novel has an exclusive volume which is volume 7. The manga has an exclusive side-story that revolves around Roxy. Both can be purchased through the links I gave above.
  • If you wish to read the web novel, I have provided the link to it above as well.

Hopefully this was helpful to you. Are you interested in Attack on Titan? Well, if you are and you read the manga then you will know that the ending was awful. I made an alternate ending, so do give it a read and let me know what you think! Also, are you interested in romance anime? I have the ultimate list of the best romance anime with happy endings right here.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed your stay!