Uraraka My Hero Academia Smiling Widely

Ochaco Uraraka might seem like your typical happy go lucky character, but there’s a lot of depth to her. If you know me, then you know that I like to find hidden meanings behind everything and everyone. If there’s something beneficial to be gained from analyzing something, then I’m up for the task. In my previous posts, I talk about the lessons behind All Might vs All for One. I also talk about the hidden depth behind Endeavors character. Today, the spotlight is on best girl Uraraka and things that we can learn from her. If taken to heart, these lessons can impact our lives for the better.

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Having a goal even if they are superficial

Uraraka has ambitions to gain money to help her family financially

Some have noble goals of wanting to leave a mark in this world or help those in need. But others have ambitions that seem superficial like getting rich and famous. The latter is true for Uraraka as her sole purpose in becoming a pro hero is to become rich. I’m sure many people will argue but do let me explain.

Under normal circumstances, I’m not a big fan of superficial desires and ambitions, but there’s a reason I’m giving it a pass in this case. It’s because if we look at the bigger picture, there’s something more important than what our goal centres around, and it’s having one in the first place. Many people don’t have any aim in life and wander without any direction which usually causes them to feel empty inside. As long as you have a goal and as long as you don’t hurt anyone while achieving them, having an ambition will help give us meaning in our lives.

If you don’t believe me, then let me use my experience as an example. A few years ago, I didn’t know what I wanted to do in life. Because of this, I went through phases of depression. Whenever something negative happened, my thoughts would always linger on those events and emotions. It was harder and took longer for me to let go of toxic people who were just unhealthy for me. It wasn’t until I had some purpose in life was I able to cast away all this toxicity building up inside me. The negativity didn’t magically disappear because I had an aim in life, but because I was working my way towards it each day that I didn’t have any time to spend on pessimistic thoughts. I cut loose everything that was holding me back from achieving my dreams and it felt liberating.

And that is why I stress on having some direction in your life and make sure you’re moving towards it. In the beginning, it’s usually hard to know what you want to do. Some also have a hard time finding their passion. Don’t worry, I hear you. Usually, if this were the case, I’d advise you to adopt a shallow aim like becoming rich or famous. When you at least move towards something productive in your life, you will start filtering what you like and dislike and eventually figure out your passion as well as where your talents lie. Once you have a better understanding of yourself, then you can change your goal to something more meaningful.

The important thing to constantly be moving in some direction that is beneficial for you. Become water and adapt when necessary.

Another thing I think worth mentioning is that we shouldn’t be so quick to judge someone’s ambition. Sometimes we call out people for being superficial if they want to become rich or if they want to become a celebrity, but there’s usually a deep-rooted reason as to why they want these things. It might be because they were poor or had a lack of attention from the people closest to them when they were younger. If they aren’t harming anyone with their ideals, then we shouldn’t discourage them and instead show them some support.

Uraraka, for example, wants to be rich, but she wants to do it so that she can help her parents financially so that they don’t have to struggle anymore. On the surface, it might seem shallow, but the fuel to the fire is deep and thoughtful intentions which is what matters.

“So I’m going to be a hero. I’ll make that money so that my mom and dad can live easier lives!”

Uraraka My Hero Academia Flustered over her feelings for Deku

Another thing that we can learn from Uraraka is to look up to the right people. Looking up to someone has been a present idea throughout My Hero Academia. Most of the students especially Kacchan and Deku, look up to All Might. Who wouldn’t right? He’s a natural-born hero, the former number one. Well Uraraka, on the other hand, looks up to someone who is more in reach like Deku. So why is following the example of the right person/people important? First, we have to understand who are the right people and what does right actually mean.

It isn’t easy to decipher what is right because even bad people will tell you that they do bad things for a just cause. I think it depends entirely up to you. I believe the easiest way is to ask yourself a question. Is the example you’re following one that is moving your life in the right direction, and are your actions affecting the people around you negatively? If the answer is yes and no, then I believe it’s safe to say that it’s ‘right’. If the answer is otherwise, then you should reevaluate who you’re idolizing or see if your actions are the cause of your problems.

Idolizing the right person is essential because it can serve as a vision of what you’d like to become or act as a beacon of hope. Sometimes it’s an indicator that certain types of people exist and that it’s possible to be like them. They can be living proof of success. It raises the question that if these people could do it, then we can turn our dreams into reality as well.

Uraraka was wise in following the example of Deku. He has strong willpower and determination to achieve his dreams. Even though he has grandiose aspirations, he doesn’t only think of himself and is considerate to others. When Uraraka is in a tough spot, she’ll often ask the question of what would Deku do in her shoes if they switched places. It helps her push herself to the limit and become better. The issue arises because she isn’t becoming a better version of herself. Instead, she ends up becoming another version of Deku.

We shouldn’t be striving to become a carbon copy of the people we idolize, and that’s because we can’t. As much as Deku tries, he will never be All Might and him trying to emulate All Might is what is holding him back from greatness. The same applies to Uraraka. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, and the people we idolize might not have those similar characteristics. If we build a foundation that’s suppose to bring us success based on things that we don’t quite excel in, then we’re only setting ourselves up for failure.

What we should be doing instead is use these people as inspiration and motivation. We should also learn from their failures and experiences but do things our way that best suit our talents.

Walking on our own when necessary

Uraraka determination to fight Bakugo to advance in the preliminary rounds

There’s a metaphor in The Garden Of Words about shoes that implies that shoes are the help we need to get through difficult phases in our lives. I think this fits Uraraka’s character nicely. In a way, Deku is a shoe to Uraraka as he is always helping her, and she relies on him whenever she’s in a pinch. Relationships like these are what we should strive for, but as I said before in my Garden of Words post, it may cause an issue.

Before we should even think of putting on shoes, we should see if we can walk barefoot. Are we able to get through bad experiences on our own? The reason this question needs to be asked is that if we can’t walk on our own and we rely too much on other people, their absence will cause us to shut down completely. We’re not only giving away power to other people and allow others to manipulate us, but we’re also inhibiting our self-growth as an individual.

Uraraka realizes this during the tournament arc in season 2. Everyone is trying to compete with Deku and take that number one spot, but Uraraka was relying on him too much and didn’t want to start a conflict by competing with her friend’s desires of winning. After realizing this, she felt ashamed of herself and strived to do better and go the furthest she could in the competition. The good thing about Uraraka is that she realizes this and acknowledges her mistake. Not many people are that fortunate and choose to bury their hand in the sand instead of becoming the best version of themselves.

After the change in mentality, we see that Uraraka can get serious when she wants to. When she battles Bakugo during the preliminary rounds, she goes all out and has a plan in hand. She even refused help from Deku, who has a lot of insight into Bakugo’s fighting style. It was a very emotional scene seeing Uraraka trying to bring her plan to fruition. She gets up every time she gets knocked down and admirably brings Bakugo down to the same level even though he possesses the more powerful quirk. In the end, she lost, but she grew so much upon realizing one small thing. If she keeps this mentality up, she will become a much stronger hero in the future.

 “I said it would be easier to team up with friends, but now that I think about it, I might’ve been trying to rely on you again. That’s why when Iida said he was challenging you, I grew a little ashamed of myself… Everyone is giving all they can, which only makes it fair for me to do the same… So, we will meet in the finals!”

Acknowledging our weaknesses

Uraraka crying after she lost to Bakugo in the preliminary rounds of the tournament arc

As I said before, Uraraka is fortunate that she realizes most of the mistakes she makes throughout the show. Fortune depends on luck, but this entirely depends on the mindset and mentality that an individual adopts. If you want to become better, then you know you have to address the mistakes you make as well as your weaknesses. There’s no escaping it. Uraraka has proven that she is a person who wants to strive to improve each passing day. She proves this when she realizes she’s been relying too much on Deku. She also does this when she acknowledges her weaknesses in close combat after losing to Bakugo during the tournament arc.

Everyone has some sort of weakness that they would like to keep hidden. Some would be their weakness in food. When they see food or someone eating, they feel like they need to munch on something. Others have a weakness in saving money. Each time a paycheck comes, they blow their money without thinking of the long-term consequences. It can be big or small, embarrassing or no, whatever it is acknowledging them and striving to improve on them will lead us to live out better lives.

There are two things that Uraraka has not come to realize that I think will affect her in the future as the story progresses. One is her suppressing her emotions towards Deku. The other is her trying to become another version of Deku instead of being a better version of herself. Deku got punished because of this behaviour, and I’m sure Uraraka will too. But this itself proves that if we fail to acknowledge our weaknesses, there will be negative consequences.


Here’s a cookie if you made it this far. That’s all the lessons we can learn from Ochaco Uraraka. I hope you were able to understand what I was trying to say and apply these things in your lives. I believe that it will help you because it helped me go through some tough times.

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Anyway, thanks for reading!